My research contributes to the understanding of population health and social equity from an all-age lens across the urban-rural divide. 

Working age adult mortality

My research examines multi-level and multi-dimensional factors related to population health. My recent study looks at geographic differences in demographic structure, social determinants of health, public policy, and population health outcomes with a specific focus on rural-urban differences. 

Public policy and COVID-19

My research shows that during COVID-19, pre-crisis social safety net policy and political partisanship are related to a timely policy response (stay at home order, water shutoff moratorium). Those policies significantly lowered COVID-19 infection and death. 

Healthy living and age-friendly community

My research links age-friendly planning and the human ecological framework to examine factors at the levels of policy, social and physical environment that contribute to healthy living and aging in place. 

Public policy and community development

My research assesses community development strategies, including sustainable development, economic development, and business development. My research also examines factors related to water pricing and water affordability.